Give to yourself, those moments that make all the difference in your overall happiness and wellness, and leave you feeling like the empowered, loving, self-fulfilled woman that you are. Self-Care empowers you to communicate what you want, and take a step back to fuel your mind, body and soul. 

Here's what we will utilize in your one-on-one coaching:



Did you know that we wake each day with a finite amount of mental energy allocated to decision making? Adding routines to your day helps to create stability and frees up your energy for making more important decisions then wether you should eat or meditate first. When it comes to self-care, if you're running out of steam, chances are its something you won't make time for especially if you need to reinvent the wheel every time. When you have clear morning and evening routines in place it makes it so much easier for you to do the things you want to do to care for yourself without having to muster up will power and decision making juices to make it happen.



A meditation practice helps you align with your higher self & releases mental energy that gets tied up in thinking stressful, untrue thoughts. While meditation is a tremendously powerful practice for personal transformation and time creation (Yes, you read that right. Meditation is an investment of time that pays you back in more time!) I've found that most people have many misconceptions around the practice and that sometimes you need a bit of structure & support to get started. If that's the case we'll figure out the role you desire meditation to play in your life and from there I create a custom recording for you to listen to during meditation.



"Anything can be medicine or poison" were words uttered during a lecture on the ayurvedic way of eating. When we work together in relation to food we'll look at your constitution, current state of imbalance & the season to decide which foods are best for you to favor and which to avoid to bring your body back to balance. I love eating ayurvedically because its not an all-or-nothing way of looking at one's diet and it's especially helpful if you have a tendency to obsess over what you can and cannot eat as it fosters a healthy relationship to the food that becomes you.



There are seven major chakras situated along the spinal column, embedded within your nervous system, and associated with different nerve ganglia.  The classical seven chakra system begins at the base of your spine, travels vertically up through the core, and ends at the crown of your head. Each chakra is responsible for different energetic qualities and the system as a whole seeks to create unity.  You can visualize your chakras as colorful, vibrant stepping stones that build a bridge, a bridge that when aligned, creates unity between universal polarities.



These gifts of the earth will make a profound impact on you physically, emotionally & spiritually. I use essential oils as part of my daily self-care routine and make them available to you in the self-care package I send when we work together because I would not be a self-care coach if it weren't for their physical and emotional healing properties - truly! When we work together I'll teach you how to use them and how to use your intuition to choose the best oils for you so you can experience their healing too!


I love teaching others how to build a more joyful, healthy, sustainable, authentic life and empowering you to see yourself differently while helping you create habits and routines you love and that love you right back. I help you do this by giving you structured practical protocols as well as tools to let go of beliefs that have prevented you from feeling worthy of living the life of your dreams. As we work together, I will help you invite more ease into your days so you can create a life you enjoy living that offers balance and clarity.

Self-Care Coaching


One-on-One Self Care Coaching.  An extraordinary life starts with self care, I can help you enjoy the success you’ve strived so hard to achieve without having to sacrifice your soul to find it.  Working with me will give you the confidence to take back your power. Along with the courage to say no when you need to, to create boundaries, and to improve your communication. As well as creating a sense of balance so you can thrive!

Yoga + Self-Care Coaching


1-Hour Private Yoga Class + 30 minutes of Self Care Coaching.  An extraordinary life starts with self care, I can help you enjoy the success you’ve strived so hard to achieve without having to sacrifice your soul to find it.  If your life looks great on paper, but feels like crap in real life, we need to talk!  It starts with embracing your uniqueness, respecting your body and creating a sense of balance so you can thrive!

Self-Care Coaching Workshop


Just looking to make your life a little more extraordinary or need help getting back on track? Health and Wellness can feel empty without self love & self care. You deserve to live an extraordinary life! And an extraordinary life begins with taking care of yourself. You're not broken. You don’t need fixing. You just need some help to appreciate and prioritize yourself. What you need is a little self care.

Schedule your consult, and I'll share powerful tips from my toolbox to support you and empower you, so you can begin creating a life you enjoy living that offers balance and clarity.




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