Self Care Coaching | The Workshop

Give to yourself, those moments that make all the difference in your overall happiness and wellness, and leave you feeling like the empowered, loving, self-fulfilled woman that you are. Self-Care empowers you to communicate what you want, and take a step back to fuel your mind, body and soul. 

digital course of guided material – including a workbook, videos, and bonuses – to help you create a more joyful, healthy, sustainable, fulfilled life that offers balance and clarity.

what you'll learn


An Introduction To Self-Care

This is all about learning what self-care truly is. We will debunk the common beliefs around why women don’t practice self-care and I will guide you through an intention-setting self-care practice. 


Finding your Authentic Self

You’ll learn more about your authentic self and begin to differentiate between the voice of your ego and your higher self. You will find your personal identity, discover your deeply cherished values, and learn how to tap into your deepest passions.


Discover Your Seven Major Chakras

In this module, you will work to discover the seven major chakras situated along the spinal column, embedded within your nervous system, and associated with different nerve ganglia. You can visualize your chakras as colorful, vibrant stepping stones that build a bridge, a bridge that when aligned, creates unity between universal polarities.


Essential Oil Remedies Guide

These gifts of the earth will make a profound impact on you physically, emotionally & spiritually. I'll teach you how to use them and how to use your intuition to choose the best oils for you so you can experience their healing properties!


Guided Meditations


Created to help you feel more secure and connected to yourself.

Weekly Self-Care Ritual


One that you can practice in the comfort of your own home – think dry brushing and salt baths – as you need it. These are rituals I try to make a part of my daily life and help me to stay grounded and in touch with myself.

Supportive Affirmations


Curated weekly to support you as we move through each topic.


How would it feel to get back in touch with what you truly crave out of life – not just following 

the script of what you think you “should” be doing?

This course holds your answer and it’s along the lines of really freakin’ amazing.